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Pricing it Right – From the Beginning
As a Qualified Professional, Jack will help you with pricing
The seller sets the price of the home but ultimately the buyer determines the value. Jack’s job is to supply you with facts about what has sold recently and what is for sale now. This information will help you make a smart decision on pricing your home.

The prime marketing time occurs during the first few weeks. Price you home correctly in the beginning and you will walk away with more money.

It’s a fact. Properly priced homes sell faster and for more money during the first weeks of the listing. Don’t miss your prime marketing period by setting a price higher than justified by the Competitive Market Evaluation. You risk the possibility of it selling for even less later.

Your home will sell quickly through the tools that Jack offers home sellers:
  • RE/MAX active data base of qualified homebuyers;
  • RE/MAX phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Jack personally handles all calls for your home;
  • Regularly scheduled updates of activity on your home and in your area;
  • Direct mail enabling those around you to “Choose your new neighbours”;
  • Distribution of feature sheets to other agents;
  • Listings on many different internet locations;
  • Ottawa’s listing services - MLS®;
  • RE/MAX National Referral System